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June 29th, 2016

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Welcome to the Pixelmusement website!
Home of the obscure and barely known game designer: Kris Asick

News for June 29th, 2016:

Click here to watch the first episode of Shovelware Diggers!

It has begun! The new weekly series to help pass the time and give you guys more stuff to watch! :D

Shovelware Diggers is a show dedicated to unearthing games which have pretty much been completely lost to the stretches of time as no one ever really played them or gave them any cares. Such games could often be found burried in the depths of shareware CDs claiming to have tons and tons of games. One particular archive I have is a "2000 Hit Games" collection put out by Softkey Publishing and I figured I'd share the experience of what it's like to go through one of these things! ;)

The way it works is people who are pledging $8 or more per month over on Patreon are automatically eligible to submit their folder selections for me to cover on the show. I have the ENTIRE directory structure outlined here on my website which you can look at by clicking here. Each digger may have up to 12 folders selected at a time so that all diggers have a chance for their selections to show up! (I will do my best to balance the load between all diggers!)

Anyways, this is likely going to be my last news post here on the website for awhile. I'm still going to be active on Twitter and YouTube and whatnot, but with all the migration I'm doing the website will mostly become an archive of these things until I once again get back into the swing of game making, which will hopefully be soon. :)

News for May 19th, 2016:

Just a quick update to let everyone know that I'm going to be re-doubling my efforts in getting more people interested and watching my Ancient DOS Games web show. However, I'm not completely sure what steps I should be taking, so to figure that out... I've created a survey! :O

Simply click here and you'll be taken to a Google Forms survey I put together, or you could also click here to watch a short video I made about the survey. It should take about 6 ~ 8 minutes to do, you'll be asked 16 questions at max, though it depends on the answers you put in, and it's completely anonymous; no personally identifying information is collected at all!

The thing is, one of the major realizations I came to is that when it comes right down to it, I'm not making a living off of making games, whereas I DO make an income off making Ancient DOS Games, so expanding the show and making it better and more enjoyable for everyone is a much smarter idea than burning lots of time into a project which may not make any money at all. This isn't to say I've stopped work on my secret project, just that I'm no longer relying on it as a means of income in the future, though I'm perfectly OK with it becoming that! ;)

Also, I should point out that the survey's designed not just for people who watch ADG, but also for people who DON'T. In fact, it's the people who don't who'll likely provide the most invaluable insights, so whether any of you take the survey yourselves or not, I'd really appreciate if you could just let your friends and others know about it too! :)

News for July 7th, 2014:

Click here to watch my 1st Patreon Milestone Video!

Yup. I promised a commemorative video for reaching my first milestone goal on Patreon and spent quite a number of weeks trying to come up with something decent that could really do the event justice, and I think the end result is something very special and not something you could ever get with a typical television show or something that would be competing for ratings. It goes to show the strengths that come with producing an internet video series and just how different (and better) a paradigm such a series is. (Besides, I personally feel "television" as we know it will probably be dead in a decade or two as stronger technologies take the scene for delivering content to people.)

And of course, don't forget to watch the latest ADG episode on Starflight if you haven't yet! ;)


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