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News for May 6th, 2015:

Click here to watch Ancient DOS Games Episode 161 - MegaRace 2

Man, the past couple weeks have been NUTS... x_x;

However, I seem to be surviving for the moment, so, let's briefly discuss a few things. Firstly, new episode of ADG up! Late because of nonsense last week combined with being out of town for some time, but up all the same. Secondly, ALL video embeds on the site (save for one which I'll fix next week once I can access my backup DVDs) are now linking to YouTube since Blip likely isn't going to survive the year. Thirdly, I was able to figure out YouTube's 60 FPS system and was able to coax 60 FPS out of my editing software, so, future ADG videos will be using YouTube's 60 FPS features! (Remember though that 60p ONLY works when HD is enabled!)

Other than that, I'm moving on Thursday, so I had to choose a simple game for the next ADG episode and an even simpler game for the one following that. Episode 162 will go live on Wednesday, May 13th, while Episode 163 will go up on Saturday, May 16th, with the hope that I'll be back on schedule following! :B

News for April 29th, 2015, Post #2:

OK... so without getting too personal, things had degenerated last night between myself and those who've been helping me out in ways I didn't even begin to consider because it was difficult to know who was right and who was wrong, even from my own standpoint. The situation was never about money, but time, trust, and consideration, and it seems the "facts" as everyone was interpreting them were different amongst us all.

If that seems vague it's because the last thing I want to do is hurt the ones I love, which I WILL end up inadvertently doing if I delve into the details just from the nature of those details. Suffice to say, for awhile last night, things looked extremely grim and I rapidly made the post about potentially being homeless for a week because at the time, no other immediate future seemed possible and it would only be a matter of hours before I would be without internet access... I had to say something ASAP while I still could...

For the moment though, tempers have calmed and everyone's had time to think about everything and while the situation is substantially better, it's not perfect. I'm not going to be homeless, but to help make things easier for all involved I am going to be out of the city for a few days visiting relatives, which means I'll be unable to attend my usual ADG duties... I'm also STILL going to be without internet access for a couple days or so starting later next week as my father and I move into a new place.

So, to that end, here's what you guys need to expect. Episode 161 of Ancient DOS Games will be going live either Tuesday, May 5th, or Wednesday May 6th, I'm uncertain which but it will definitely be one of those two days. Episode 162 will be exactly one week later, so expect it Tuesday, May 12th, or Wednesday May 13th. Following that, I will try to have Episode 163 up on time, meaning it would be up on Saturday, May 16th. This scheduling will put my time without internet access between Episodes 161 and 162 so as to eliminate any more unexpected delays.

I guess what it ultimately comes down to is that, just like everyone else, I'm only Human, and we Humans run into all sorts of ridiculousness. The good news though is that, short of a catastrophe, there's little which could go wrong following the move coming up at the end of next week, so as long as I make it that far, the only direction I can go is up! :)

News for July 7th, 2014:

Click here to watch my 1st Patreon Milestone Video!

Yup. I promised a commemorative video for reaching my first milestone goal on Patreon and spent quite a number of weeks trying to come up with something decent that could really do the event justice, and I think the end result is something very special and not something you could ever get with a typical television show or something that would be competing for ratings. It goes to show the strengths that come with producing an internet video series and just how different (and better) a paradigm such a series is. (Besides, I personally feel "television" as we know it will probably be dead in a decade or two as stronger technologies take the scene for delivering content to people.)

And of course, don't forget to watch the latest ADG episode on Starflight if you haven't yet! ;)

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