Pixelmusement ADG Episode 49 Last Updated:
June 11th, 2011

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Ancient DOS Games --- Episode 49

King's Quest II

Additional Information and Corrections:

  • If you wish to acquire the first three King's Quest games (all of which are the original AGI DOS versions) for $10 from the Good Old Games website then point yourself here: http://www.gog.com/en/gamecard/kings_quest_1_2_3

  • Or, if you want to acquire the 2002 fan remake of King's Quest II for Windows, follow this link instead: http://www.agdinteractive.com/games/kq2/

  • Yes, I'm aware the voice quality isn't that bad, but compared to my more recent episodes, it's very difficult to understand at some points. I had to do some major noise filtering due to all the noise there's been in my neighbourhood. (And oddly enough, my spell checker first said "neighbourhood" was wrong and now it's telling me "neighborhood" is wrong... Make up your mind, Wordperfect! Sheesh!)

  • The reasons I reviewed this game first and not the original King's Quest are as follows: I have yet to get my copy of the AGI version working in DOSBox due to its copy protection, the original is not as approachable for new players due to its higher level of difficulty and larger quantity of "walking dead" situations, since I last played KQ2 more recently than KQ1 I was more prepared to play it again for the sake of reviewing.

  • One little feature I forgot to mention: If you press F3 at any point it will automatically re-input the last thing you entered into the command interpreter. This way if you try to do something and you're "not close enough" or the timing is otherwise wrong you don't have to type everything in again.

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