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February 11th, 2012

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Ancient DOS Games --- Episode 75

Excelsior Phase I: Lysandia

Additional Information and Corrections:

  • Here's a quick link to 11th Dimension Entertainment's website if you want to get either/both of the Excelsior games: http://www.excelsior-rpg.com

  • I'm aware that some of the Skyrim similarities might seem a bit generic but you have to admit, there's still a lot of them. ;)

  • I was thinking of having a "Daggerfall Similarities" counter come up when I mentioned the banking system, since Skyrim doesn't have banking but Daggerfall does, but considering how late I was running in getting this ADG episode up, I didn't feel it was worth the extra effort and further delays. :P

  • Speaking as a programmer, it feels like there were going to be more aspects to the game that were never realized, based on what I've read in the manual and the way certain aspects of the game work. For instance, the Music skill doesn't seem to do anything but allow you to play Lutes... which also don't seem to do anything. Also, the manual states that polearm weapons like the Spear have a long striking range but in-game, they work just like any other weapon.

  • One of these days I'm gonna have to hack the game's files so I can find a way into those back rooms at the shops and such to see what items are on display and if the people hiding in the back actually have any dialogue associated with them. ;D

  • Yes, those are the real in-game sound effects during the credits...

  • Thanks to Matthew Engle, one of the creators of Excelsior, I can now share with the entire internet what the Music skill is actually useful for! ...it lets you play Slumber Lutes which protect you from sleep spells for 20 turns... yeah it's still a pretty useless skill. :P

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