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October 29th, 2014

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Ancient DOS Games --- Episode 77

Star Wars: TIE Fighter

Additional Information and Corrections:

  • X-Wing and TIE Fighter are now both available on GOG for $10 each! These are actually special versions of the game which include both the original DOS and updated Windows releases, as well as all the expansion content. For TIE Fighter specifically, follow this link: http://www.gog.com/game/star_wars_tie_fighter_special_edition

  • Here's a download of that joystick patch. It's only necessary with the 1995 Collector's CD-ROM version of the game. The Windows version and the original floppy disk version don't require this: tiecdjoy.exe

  • Yes, I'm aware that in the battle mode, the pilot who's role you're filling is actually Maarkus Stele from expanded Star Wars canon, and that he's referenced by name in the official strategy guide for this game. I didn't mention him in the review proper though because... I have no idea how to properly pronounce his name! >_>;

  • Anytime you hear the background sounds and music fade out for seemingly random reasons, its because one of the voices that will sometimes speak mid-mission REALLY conflicts with my own for the sake of this review, so I had to tune it down substantially. :/

  • The "Space Bombs" are also known in-game as "Heavy Bombs". I'm not sure but I think the two names are interchangeable.

  • And yes, I had to make some lame audio cuts during the ship descriptions because I mistakenly said the TIE Bomber had dual ion cannons... twice... and I didn't catch this until I was too short on time to re-record the dialogue. I think part of the reason I made this mistake is that you barely get much flight time in the thing so I just sort of figured it was equipped like the Y-Wing, especially since the TIE Defender and the Assault Gunboat are the only two ships with ion cannons. Oops. :P

  • One way to get the Windows version of the game is from the X-Wing Collector Series discs, which do NOT explicitly state that they are the Windows versions. I swear, making sure you get the exact versions of X-Wing and TIE Fighter that you want can be mind numbing. x_x;

  • One of my viewers pointed out a number of quirks with this game which I missed in my haste to get footage recorded, though only a couple were blatant mistakes: The Tractor Beam only prevents a target from changing direction, it has no effect on their speed, and the Mag Pulse, even though it affects the "Sys" rating of a ship, is actually not affecting its Sys rating at all, it just pretends to and knocks the target's weapons offline in the process. You can prove this by disabling a ship with ion cannons, then doing the mission again, Mag Pulsing the enemy, then firing your ion cannons to disable it. In both instances, it takes the same number of ion cannon shots to disable the enemy, despite the Mag Pulse dropping systems to 25%. :P

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