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February 13th, 2016

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Ancient DOS Games --- Episode 94

Caverns of Xaskazien

Additional Information and Corrections:

  • The sequel is out! ...technically. It's still very much being worked on but is now publically available! The best place to go at the moment since updates are frequent is a particular section of the Temple of the Roguelike Forum, where each update gets its own thread and download link: http://forums.roguetemple.com/index.php?board=6.0

  • Here's a link to the page on the Code Dread website where you can download this game from: http://www.codedread.com/games.php#COX

  • Also, here's a link to Jeff Sinasac's website if you want to learn more about the stuff he does and want to keep tabs on when the sequel is ready to go: http://www.jeffsinasac.com

  • I didn't really go in-depth into the spellcasting because unless you get much further in the game (or play the Windows port) it really doesn't come into play much, save for doing tiny amounts of damage, healing tiny amounts of HP, or curing poison. Not to mention it can be tricky to find spells in the first place.

  • One bug with the DOS version: If a spell is ever marked as found it will be permanently found until you quit the program entirely, even if you start a new game!

  • As for the Windows version, keep in mind that even though it's not nearly as unfair, it is definitely different to a degree, since you need skills to make use of certain things, weapons and armours can be enchanted with magic powers, the paper items can now be trapped, and when you gain a level your health is restored to maximum.

  • Also for the Windows version, only use Mid-Power Scrolls if you absolutely have to, because if you're unlucky they could trigger the "Yes or No" spell, which basically is a 50/50 chance to either kill the enemy or get game over. (Yes, I was insta-killed because of this during my best run through the Windows version. Lame.)

Lastly, here's the screenshots of Caverns of Xaskazien 2 for all of you to check out. Click on them to enlarge!

cox2 screenshot cox2 screenshot cox2 screenshot cox2 screenshot cox2 screenshot cox2 screenshot cox2 screenshot cox2 screenshot

Jeff Sinasac's also produced a series of Let's Play videos up on YouTube, highlighting Caverns of Xaskazien II, going in-depth into how it plays and what to expect when it's ready for primetime. You can check out those videos on his channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/VirtuaSinner

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