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August 3rd, 2013

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Ancient DOS Games --- Episode 119

SimCity 2000

Additional Information and Corrections:

  • Here’s the link to GOG if you want to buy a digital download of the DOS version: http://www.gog.com/gamecard/simcity_2000_special_edition

  • Yes, that was another Atop the 4th Wall reference when I was placing the stadium. The reference is from this particular episode of Linkara’s show: http://blip.tv/at4w/at4w-nbcomics-1-5469197

  • I didn’t notice this until right in the middle of editing, but there’s actually a small amount of randomness to when various new technologies become available. I typically quickly boot the game up to check things out while writing the script and in doing so, I got subways in 1901, yet in my ADG Ville city I built for the episode, I didn’t get subways until several years later.

  • I had a bit of a coughing fit during the voice recording thanks mostly to what I was eating right before getting to work on it, so as a result, if you notice a drop in voice quality late in the episode, that’s why. I’ve learned my lesson though: Don’t eat spicy foods too soon before doing voice work. :P

  • A number of things I didn’t talk about in the episode include highways, bridges, prisons, subways, bus depots, marinas, zoos, industry ratios, tunnels, basically lots of new, little things the game has over the original SimCity that normally wouldn’t’ve demanded more than a sentence or two to explain them. As I said though, there’s so many new features to the game it was kinda hard to cover all of them without making the episode drag on.

  • Later on, two additional games came out called “Streets of SimCity” and “SimCopter”, which were action-based games that could load SimCity 2000 cities. Streets of SimCity was a broken, buggy, mess of a game that no one liked, though it has a strange charm despite its countless problems. SimCopter was a bit more interesting and involved, but you needed a really good joystick to get the most out of it and until the game was patched up it had its own fair share of bugs. (Patches fixed most of them, save for a crash bug when running the game on very fast systems.)

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