Pixelmusement Filler Video 5 Last Updated:
February 26th, 2011

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Filler Video #5

The NES Wiggle Trick

Click Here to Watch the Bloopers!

Additional Information and Corrections:

  • Here's a quick link so you can check out Clint Basinger's Lazy Game Reviews: http://www.youtube.com/user/phreakindee

  • Since I rarely record live action I'm still not 100% certain how to accomplish the lighting with what limited resources I have. I also wasn't able to do recording during daylight hours and I imagine that might've helped. That's why the image quality is as bad as it is. Not to mention my digital camera only records at 60i FPS, not 30p, so I have to deinterlace the footage. Still, could be worse.

  • Hopefully no one interprets the little quip I made about my disposable income as begging or complaining. I just needed to have a reason for still using an old 27" CRT television and only having one shelf and a few small carrying cases (not shown) with games in them. Some of my game carts I've had since childhood, about 20 years time, which is why I've been able to amass as many as I have. Though I will actually be getting a ColecoVision very soon +23 games for it. The best way for you, my loyal fans, to support me is to play my shareware games and watch ADG! :)

  • Yes, my SMS light gun actually says "Death Phaser" on it. (You did watch past the end of the credits, right?)

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