Pixelmusement Filler Video 18 Last Updated:
June 24th, 2012

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Filler Video #18

Gemini's Minecraft Bases

Additional Information and Corrections:

  • For the extremely small number of you who have no idea what Minecraft is, point your way over here: http://www.minecraft.net

  • X is a YouTuber who created a series of Minecraft related videos when the game was still early in development called "X's Adventures in Minecraft". He can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/user/davidr64yt

  • One thing I failed to mention is that I play the game on Hard skill. My worst enemy is lava as 90% of the time when I die in Minecraft it's because of some incredibly stupid thing that sends me flying into lava. The enemies truly are inconsequential once you know how to deal with them. :P

  • I've made numerous more bases and structures but these were the most important ones. All the rest are simpler for the most part, or not really that interesting. The Atlantis Project and Bio Station Beta II are definitely the two I'm most proud of.

  • I don't play Minecraft that much anymore. The big reason is that once Enchanting and Alchemy were added, I found I really didn't like the direction the game was taking. Those systems are extremely difficult to take advantage of and have a lot of random chance and grinding involved. Essentially, they made the game less fun. The BetterEnchanting mod helps a little, and the grinding will be lessened considerably in the upcoming v1.3, but Alchemy still needs a TON of work.

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