Pixelmusement Filler Video 24 Last Updated:
November 24th, 2012

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Filler Video #24

Castle of the Winds

Additional Information and Corrections:

  • Here's the link if you wish to get a copy of this game: http://www.classicdosgames.com/game/Castle_of_the_Winds.html

  • Although Rick Saada's website is gone, it did manage to get archived in the previous state it was in, and surprisingly, the game download works in the archived version of his website! If you wanna check it out, point your way here: http://web.archive.org/web/20110717071146/http://www.exmsft.com/~ricks/

  • Since this is a 16-bit Windows 3.1 game, getting it working on Windows XP systems or later may require the appropriate drivers to run 16-bit software, presuming you're on a 32-bit OS. If you're running a 64-bit OS, the game will not run natively at all. You'll have to either load up a virtual machine with an older version of Windows or get Windows 3.1 running in DOSBox, which I understand isn't impossible, but has its own share of potential problems. :/

  • One thing that might be confusing to new players is the "speed" stat in the bottom right. There are two speed values, the first is how fast you're performing actions and moving in general, while the second value is how fast you're walking around. Basically, the first number affects the speed of everything you do while the second number only affects how fast you move. The second number changes based on how much stuff you're carrying, relative to how strong your character is.

  • Since you can safely rest when enemies aren't around to instantly get your health back (usually) I recommend starting with the Magic Arrow spell first and getting Phase Door second to help get out of nasty situations. Once you have the ability to learn Identify, do so! Identifying items is extremely expensive in this game yet it's the only way to get the most money for anything decent. You'll also want to learn Rune of Return, as soon as you can so you don't have to carry scrolls or staffs to do so, otherwise you'll be making lots of long, tedious journeys to and from the dungeons. :P

  • You can also hold Shift and press R to rest until your mana is restored, but it takes 60 times longer to restore one point of mana versus one point of health, so enemies are sure to respawn in massive numbers when you do this. Be ready for them!

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