Pixelmusement Filler Video 45 Last Updated:
December 20th, 2014

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Filler Video #45

Re-Themed Christmas Games

Additional Information and Corrections:

  • Every game I talked about today can be found in the freeware section of the RGB Classic Games website on this page right here: http://www.classicdosgames.com/legal/freeware.html

  • I don't actually own, nor have ever played, any proper stand-alone Christmas games, which is another part of the reason why I waited until now to do an episode covering any games related to Christmas. For those curious, I only celebrate the festive aspects of Christmas, such as gift giving, getting together with family, huge dinners, etc., and not the religious aspects as I'm not Christian. You can enjoy a religious holiday without sharing in that religion, especially when said holiday promotes being joyful, selfless and good willed! :D

  • When I started editing all the footage together I saw a still picture of the re-skinned Zica Lasers in Tyrian 2000 and finally realized that they're red candles with dripping wax. Go figure. :P

  • Yes, I recently started getting into JonTron stuff. How did I not know about this guy for years?? He covers tons of extremely obscure and ridiculous games and does it in a hilarious and often rage-filled way. Here's a link to his page on the Normal Boots website in case you're curious: http://normalboots.com/author/jontronshow/

  • The more powerful shield powerup also appears in the first Holiday Hare game, making it the only freeware Jazz game with that particular powerup too!

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