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Welcome to the Pixelmusement website!
Home of the obscure and barely known game designer: Kris Asick

News for September 1st, 2015:

New Video Blog Uploaded - "TMI Tag"

Ever wanted to know more about me than you really wanted to? ...no? Well, then this isn't the video for you! ;D

Actually, what's going on is that PushingUpRoses recently did a video where she answered some questions and then tagged a couple other people. I wasn't one of them, but I have a video blog now so I figured, "Hey, might as well take a crack at these questions myself!"

Plus it gave me the opportunity to tag Clint of LGR fame a second time as he was one of the persons Roses tagged in her video. So now he's DOUBLE TAGGED! MWA HA HA HA HA!


Also, private testing begins this week for my secret project, so a handful of people beyond myself will be finding out what it is I've been working on, though they're all under orders to tell absolutely NO ONE about it. I only get one shot to do a proper reveal and I need to be sure it's ready to launch on Steam Greenlight before that happens. The largest of the first three games for the project is virtually done, so the trick is how quickly I can put the other two games together... Hey, if I could code PixelShips Retro in just two months, I think a couple smaller games shouldn't take me too long, even with videos to make in the interim! ...I hope...

News for August 15th, 2015:

Click here to watch Ancient DOS Games Filler #49: Retro City Rampage 486

Funny story: The reason I even got into Retro City Rampage at all was because of the LGR Plays video covering this game. What's ironic about this is that Clint wasn't a huge fan of the game, but I liked what I saw and the aspects of the game which bothered him didn't bother me, so his negative opinion is actually what drove me to get and enjoy the game. Further proof that there's really no such thing as bad publicity! ;)

This DOS port of the game though probably confused quite a number of people, so I figured given my background in DOS gaming, and my programming/design skills, I was rightly suited to tackle the questions as to why this thing even exists now. Hopefully I got the details right. If not, I'm sure someone will correct me. :B

Past the 90% mark with the first game for my secret project. Progress has slowed down the past few weeks but should be picking up again shortly. Two weeks of stress followed by a week of distractions. Go figure. :P

News for July 7th, 2014:

Click here to watch my 1st Patreon Milestone Video!

Yup. I promised a commemorative video for reaching my first milestone goal on Patreon and spent quite a number of weeks trying to come up with something decent that could really do the event justice, and I think the end result is something very special and not something you could ever get with a typical television show or something that would be competing for ratings. It goes to show the strengths that come with producing an internet video series and just how different (and better) a paradigm such a series is. (Besides, I personally feel "television" as we know it will probably be dead in a decade or two as stronger technologies take the scene for delivering content to people.)

And of course, don't forget to watch the latest ADG episode on Starflight if you haven't yet! ;)

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