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July 19th, 2014

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Current Status

July 19th, 2014:

Click here to watch Ancient DOS Games Episode 143 - Full Throttle

Nothing much to say about this week's Ancient DOS Game beyond what I've said in the video proper. :B

I should have another Ivxscape dev journal ready to go around this time next week so for those of you tracking my progress there be sure to look for it! :)

July 12th, 2014:

Click here to watch Ancient DOS Games Episode 142 - BioForge
(WARNING! This is a mature-rated episode!)

...funny story. ADG Episode 60 - Raptor: Call of the Shadows is one of my lowest-rated episodes, probably because tons of people love that game and yet I'm one of the few people who feels it's extremely overrated and not nearly as well designed as it could've been.

With that in mind, the moment I started capturing gameplay footage for BioForge this week, I knew in the back of my mind I might be making one of my lowest-rated episodes ever. I guess time will tell once the comments and everything start rolling it. :P

But yeah, BioForge is kind of an annomaly to me. I really don't understand why people enjoy it so much and I have to wonder if many of the ratings it gets nowadays are just out of fear of downrating something that's been critically acclaimed, or are based on memories of the game as opposed to actual recent experience. Or maybe people just like the story so much they can forgive the fact that it plays so badly? I dunno. All I know is I couldn't stand this thing, but hopefully I gave it a fair look given my dislike towards it.

As for other news, I'll be getting back to YouTube uploads soon. I also want to make mention that archived livestreams are going to be uploaded exclusively to YouTube and not to Blip in order to play nice with Blip's content policies. I've got the first one ready to go, just need a good stretch of time to upload it and also need to prep the website here to have a section for them. :B

Oh yeah! Almost forgot, since today's ADG episode is mature rated, here's the hint for the next episode: An adventure game that has something to do with bikes.

July 7th, 2014:

Click here to watch my 1st Patreon Milestone Video!

Yup. I promised a commemorative video for reaching my first milestone goal on Patreon and spent quite a number of weeks trying to come up with something decent that could really do the event justice, and I think the end result is something very special and not something you could ever get with a typical television show or something that would be competing for ratings. It goes to show the strengths that come with producing an internet video series and just how different (and better) a paradigm such a series is. (Besides, I personally feel "television" as we know it will probably be dead in a decade or two as stronger technologies take the scene for delivering content to people.)

And of course, don't forget to watch the latest ADG episode on Starflight if you haven't yet! ;)

July 5th, 2014:

Click here to watch Ancient DOS Games Episode 141 - Starflight

Lots of guesses for Star Control 2 this week, so you may wanna check the credits if you guessed Starflight and got a fairly large guess ID because you may've still made the credits anyways! ;)

But yeah, Starflight is one of those games that doesn't get talked about much anymore, even though it's a classic in every sense of the word and was one of the most popular games of the mid-80s. I think just the nature of how it works and how simple it is contributes to why it stays off the radar nowadays, but games like the Star Control series actually pull direct inspiration from Starflight, which is why it's such an important game to take a look at.

I'll be looking at Star Control 2 eventually. Probably not until Season 4 next year... but eventually. ;)

No recent progress on Ivxscape due to a lack of time to work on it. Hopefully will make some more progress soon. Still deciding how best to simplify the game in order to get it made faster without sacrificing the quality of the gameplay and the features that will make it interesting.

As for the quality issue with the filler video regarding Windows 3.1 games, Blip came back to me and said to just letterbox it into a 1280x720 frame to get the HD to kick in. I'm not exactly thrilled about that answer but there's not really much else I can do. I'll get around to doing that soon, even though I imagine most of you have probably already watched the episode despite the quality issues so it's not high on my priority list to deal with by this point. :P

June 21st, 2014:

Click here to watch Ancient DOS Games Filler #39 - Windows 3.1 Games

Very tired at the moment so not going to say too much other than: Yes, Windows 3.1 works in DOSBox and makes for a good way to enjoy those old 16-bit Windows 3.1 programs and games and such which don't work anymore on 64-bit systems. ;)


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