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August 17th, 2014

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Current Status

August 17th, 2014:

Click here to watch Ancient DOS Games Filler #40 - All Things Pinball

Sorry this filler went up so late, but when you guys see the sheer amount of content this time around, and when I tell you I ran into numerous technical difficulties with the footage, it makes it a bit more understandable why this took an extra day to get up. :P

But yeah, I've really been getting back into pinball these past few months ever since I did my Epic Pinball episode. Not just from a software side of things, but about a month after making that episode I got a taste of the real thing for my first time in ages and it was almost like "coming home" as it were... like something had been missing from my life and now I finally had it back, as sappy as that may sound. :)

I've since joined the local pinball league and have been attending every league night I can to get as much play time in on the real things as possible! Kinda hoping to get to play just some casual games too, but that's up to the private owners to decide who to invite and when in terms of that stuff. The whole reason any one person would go to the trouble to own expensive gaming hardware like pinball machines is so they can enjoy them on their own time, but considering pinball is so much more fun when you have other people to play with, well... there ya go! ;D

In any case, I've got two weeks ahead of me which are going to be spent pretty much ONLY working on Ivxscape so I really hope to have some solid progress made before September begins. The project's been in the works far too long; it's time to really get it going! ;)

August 16th, 2014:

I think this is the first time a regularlly scheduled ADG video is going to be substantially late. This filler turned out to be MUCH larger than I expected it to be and I've run into a number of technical problems along the way, some of which I'm able to work around, others of which are going to require me to recapture some of the footage I need. So yeah, barring futher ridiculousness, the video will be up Sunday instead of today. :/

August 9th, 2014:

Click here to watch Ancient DOS Games Episode 145 - Street Rod

Today's game originally comes from "California Dreams", a publishing label I'm slightly surprised hasn't shown up sooner on ADG, though to be fair, the only other two games from them I have are very simple ones, thus it's hard to centre an entire episode around them. :P

It's also good to be looking at something that's gone freeware. Haven't been a lot of freeware showings these past number of episodes. I really should try to squeeze one or two more into the rotation before Episode 150. :B

As for Ivxscape, I'm TECHNICALLY behind on it from where I wanted to be by now, though only because the work I've been doing has been testing my new GUI system and finding solutions to long-standing bugs. My next dev journal will go up when I can actually SHOW you guys the progress I'm making without resorting to screenshots from my dev environment! ;)

August 2nd, 2014:

Click here to watch Ancient DOS Games Episode 144 - Hocus Pocus

This is an incredibly nostalgic game for me and I'm kinda surprised it took me this long to get around to it. Funny thing is, despite how simple of a game it is it made for a normal length episode because of all the little quirks it has which I could elaborate on. :B

Other than that, I'm really close to having some solid progress to reveal for Ivxscape. I've been spending the past couple months simplifying the design, which yes, I know, it sounds like a waste of time to spend time simplifying a game when that time could be spent making it, but I'm almost done the simplification process and I managed to cut my estimated coding time in HALF. The Ivxscape project is now something I could potentially finish before the year is over and coding will resume within the next few days! :D

I'll have my next dev journal ready once I actually have a screenshot to show you all of the progress I've made code-wise. When I stopped coding last I was adding the finishing touches to my new GUI sub-system and solving a minor bug with texel alignment. :B

July 19th, 2014:

Click here to watch Ancient DOS Games Episode 143 - Full Throttle

Nothing much to say about this week's Ancient DOS Game beyond what I've said in the video proper. :B

I should have another Ivxscape dev journal ready to go around this time next week so for those of you tracking my progress there be sure to look for it! :)


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