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The Story Behind PixelShips:

In the year 2049, a new toy was invented to bridge the generation gap, uniting people of all ages together in friendly competition: PixelShips. Each ship is designed to meet specialized standards so that no matter how young or old you are you can enjoy them just the same.

Most PixelShips are only a foot or two long and are flown using special devices called PICCs, or PixelShip Interface Command Consoles. The consoles have two joysticks and six buttons on each stick and can interface with any ship that has been registered into it. Some PICCs also have LCD displays so that you don't need a TV to see what your PixelShip sees while it flies.

Each PixelShip uses batteries, just like any other toy, though some use Micro-Reactors instead and are fueled at special facilities so that childeren cannot actually access the fuel inside. They are also designed out of segments held together by micro-magnets. When the ship is "destroyed" in combat, its micro-magnets disengage and the ship flies apart into its seperate segments, each still carrying a residual charge from the ship's anti-gravity unit. If all of the segments are then tagged by another PixelShip, that collector may then, under official guidelines, possess the ship if he so desires.

Classic PixelShips takes place in the year 2076 when a very secretive PixelShip has supposedly been built. Your task is to collect all 160 known PixelShips by earning them through campaign battles at the arena. Afterwards, you will be given access to a special campaign where you may earn this unique and unheard of PixelShip.

Playing PixelShips:

PixelShips is a 2D shooter with randomly generated levels and missions. You create a character then select one of thousands of randomly structured campaigns, each consisting of 10 missions of increasing difficulty. The greater the campaign number, the more difficult it will be yet the more points you will score and the more likely you will find rare PixelShips.

When you destroy a PixelShip you must activate your Vacuum Device to suck in its pixels for tagging. Tag them all and the PixelShip will become yours and you can fly it! (Provided you have enough space in your reserve for it.)

There are 160 PixelShips to capture and fly. Think you've got what it takes to find them all and complete your database? ;)


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