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March 3rd, 2012

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Ancient DOS Games --- Episode 78

Bio Menace

WARNING! This video contains mature content. If you are under the age of 18, or if you find such content offensive, please do not watch this episode.

Additional Information and Corrections:

  • Here's a quick link to the downloads section on the 3D Realms website where you can get Bio Menace from: http://www.3drealms.com/downloads.html

  • This game was notorious for being difficult to get running on real DOS hardware. Running it on a Windows 95 machine was even more difficult, if not impossible based on the configuration of the system. I think this game was made freeware so early on partly because of all these difficulties.

  • One thing I probably should've elaborated on are the doors you come across. You need to find keys to unlock them and usually a door simply has a score-increasing powerup inside, though a few of them bring you to other parts of a level.

  • I'm aware this episode mostly focusses on the design issues of the game, but that's because the actual gameplay doesn't leave much to the imagination: Shoot first, dodge enemies, don't die. I really couldn't think of anything substantial to talk about... unless you really wanted me to give a detailed breakdown of how 50 gemstones give you an extra life or how crystal shards for unlocking barriers come in multiple colours. :P

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