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September 5th, 2015

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Ancient DOS Games --- Episode 171

Ultima I

Additional Information and Corrections:

  • Here's a link to the place on GOG where you can get the first three Ultima games: http://www.gog.com/game/ultima_1_2_3

  • I didn't actually get through the time travel aspect as I lost all of my progress TWICE while trying to go through the starwalking section. As a result of this, 80% of the footage I captured was grinding and I really didn't want to spend more time going through all the same motions over again just for another shot at the starwalking. x_x;

  • Another way you can simplify progressing through the game has to do with the final moments when you're ready to face Mondain. If you buy a whole bunch of Ladder Down spells, you can rapidly make your way to the lowest dungeon floor in order to face Mondain without having to claw your way through enemies beforehand which will sap your HP, and from what I'm told, you'll need all the HP you can get when you're ready to face this guy...

  • The "Similarities to Skyrim" thing is a running joke I did in my coverage of Excelsior, a game which was clearly inspired by this one. ;)

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