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Below are a selection of links which are relevant to my work or me personally. I try to return to these links every once in awhile to keep them up to date, or to get in touch with the individuals responsible for them.

If you want to see your link added here, contact me so I can review you website and decide if it is relevant. I'm primarily interested in links to other independent game developers or resources for those looking to develop their own games.

Independent Developers

The Adventures of Felix Fox - http://felixfox.com
Was once a website hosting a series of beat-em-up games featuring a misfortunate red fox by the name of Felix, all created by independent developer Wendell Preston. Currently redirects to his DeviantArt account instead until he gets back into the swing of things!

Everett Kaser Software - https://www.kaser.com
This developer's been around since the early 90s and offers a huge array of games, primarily logic puzzles, which may sound like a genre that can't get too imaginative but just wait until you see the variety in all the games offered here! He also made Snarf, which I reviewed in Ancient DOS Games Episode 15!

Ron Heuse Software Development - http://www.heuse.com
Another developer who's been around since the early 90s. Presently, Ron Heuse offers an extensive Mahjong program loaded with content and he also made "Reaping the Dungeon", also known as "Dungeon Rogue", a game I covered in Ancient DOS Games Episode 91!

Tactical Neuronics - http://www.tacticalneuronics.com
Run by John A. Reder, a veteran of PC software development, his website is geared towards pretty much everything he's ever done in his spare time, including PC games, Atari 2600 and GBA homebrew titles, arcade cabinet projects and a slew of other things. I covered one of his very early games, "The Dungeons of Grimlor" in Ancient DOS Games Episode 179!

Web Shows

Clint Basinger's: Lazy Game Reviews Website - http://www.lazygamereviews.com
LGR YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/@LGR
Clint does a web show where he reviews all manners of vintage electronics hardware and games (as well as the occasional modern thing) in a style that has some similarities to my own, though with a touch more snark. Definitely worth a watch if you enjoy Ancient DOS Games!

Pushing Up Roses on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/@pushinguproses
Roses used to do videos primarily about old PC adventure games, and occasionally still covers them or modern adventure titles, but now primarily does videos about wacky movies or old TV shows, most notably "Murder, She Wrote".

BrutalMoose Website - https://brutalmoose.com/
BrutalMoose on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/@brutalmoose
BrutalMoose (aka Ian) also originally got started with game reviews but now primarily does incredibly off-beat/zany reviews of pre-packaged food and the occasional old VHS tape of dubious/questionable content!

Beyond the Scanlines - https://www.youtube.com/@BeyondTheScanlines
A chill series of videos by Rob Caporetto, looking back primarily at old 8-bit computer games across a wide variety of systems.

The Oldskool PC - https://www.youtube.com/@TheOldskoolPC
Oldskooler Ramblings Blog - https://trixter.oldskool.org/
Occasional videos hosted by Jim Lenoard (Trixter), one of the co-founders of MobyGames, looking back at old hardware/software in informative ways. Also runs a blog which goes more in-depth into similar topics.

Alyxx the Rat on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/@AlyxxTheRat
Technomancer - https://www.technomancer.no/
Musician who's also dabbling in retro gaming videos and game development. Hoping to commission her for music in my future game development efforts! :)

Personal Websites

Ken Silverman's Official Home Page - http://www.advsys.net/ken
Do I really need to say anything about this person? He made the freakin' BUILD ENGINE! He's got a lot of his past and present personal projects up, including a fun little program called Evaldraw which I can only describe as a real-time programming language, as you get instant results as you code!

Patrick Aalto's Home Page - https://www.patrickaalto.com
Unless you were a LineWars fan, chances are you'll have no idea who this person is. His claim to PC gaming fame was the LineWars games, the second of which was published by Safari Software in 1994 and was one of the first games I can recall with modem/networked gameplay.

Steven Don's Website - https://www.shdon.com
Steven Don primarily runs a technology blog but has lots of additional resources for people who are into programming or video editing!

Mark Incitti's Website - https://www.incitti.com
Mark's and I were regulars in our local pinball league the pandemic threw everything off-course. Neverhtless, we keep in touch and his website is mostly just a public compilation of his hobbies, including some gamedev on the side!

Links Related to My Games

Nonosweeper website - https://www.nonosweeper.com
Nonograms are special puzzles using numbers which, when solved, produce a pixelated image of something. Nonosweeper takes the theme one step further by turning nonograms into minesweeper puzzles! ...OK really, this just comes down to trying to solve a nonogram without making any mistakes, but for people who like nonograms this one's sure to please! ;)

The Authoritative Minesweeper - https://www.minesweeper.info
This is one of the best places to go for information on Minesweeper and to quickly download many clone variants of the original Minesweeper, though a lot of the more unique variants have since disappeared from the site. Also has world rankings and short essays on various things about Minesweeper that most people don't spend any time thinking about.

Game Download Sites

Good Old Games - https://www.gog.com
Offers many old commrecial games to download, all for great prices, that are tweaked to run properly on modern computers, along with plenty of modern indie titles as well. That said, there are a few freebies too!

Dosgames.com Website - https://www.dosgames.com
Has a selection of over 1,000 DOS games to download, spanning shareware and freeware downloads!

Completely Free Software - http://www.completelyfreesoftware.com
Despite looking like a site out of time, this gold mine of free and legal software downloads has been around since the early days of the internet, pushed out of the forefront by more modern sites like the ones listed above. The selection of programs here is somewhat different than you'll typically find on other sites so it's definitely a good place to check if you're having trouble finding something! ;)

Game Development Resources

Allegro.CC - https://www.allegro.cc
A great place to go for games and resources related to the Allegro Game Programming Libraries, used in building some of the older games here on the Pixelmusement website!

Scrolling Game Development Kit 2 - https://sgdk2.sf.net
If you wanna casually make some tile-based games with minimal programming effort, here's something to check out! The SGDK2 is being developed by Ben Marty, the same person who made Technoventure, an old DOS game I reviewed in Episode 80 of Ancient DOS Games!

DigitalMZX Website - https://www.digitalmzx.net
This place has existed for an extremely long time now and is presently the best place to go to get the Megazeux game creation system as well as hundreds of games made using Megazeux!

Godot Engine - https://godotengine.org
An extremely powerful and completely free engine for those looking to get into making games! Can handle 2D, 3D, and even VR, and while it's not as capable or straightforward as some competing engines it's definitely one of the simpler ones to get into!

Unreal Engine - https://www.unrealengine.com
Perhaps the most powerful game engine ever to be given out for free! ...well, up to $1,000,000 in gross revenue per game made with it which the average indie dev is never going to hit. Unreal functions in a very different way compared to your typical game engine with a heavy focus on visual-scripting in all aspects. It's also far better suited for 3D and VR than 2D, but also extremely complex. If high-fidelity 3D is your primary goal then this is the engine to look into!

Other Links

DOSBox x86+DOS Emulator - https://www.dosbox.com
Want to play some old games but they require DOS and don't exactly run nice on your high-end system? This is the program you need! (Also helps for running some of my old games!)

VOGONS Forums - https://vogons.zetafleet.com
Home of the official DOSBox forums but also a great place to go for retro gaming enthusiasts looking to talk with other such people about the software and hardware sides of things. There's also an active Ancient DOS Games thread which I keep up to date as new episodes come out!

DOS Gamers - https://www.dosgamers.com
To put it simply, this site is a one-stop resource for learning what tools are out there for playing old games on modern systems. Although the focus is DOS, numerous systems are covered!

MobyGames - https://www.mobygames.com
An extremely useful community-driven database of PC and video gaming, filled with information, screenshots, and other useful tidbits. If you're stumped on the identity of an old game, make sure to try your luck over here!


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