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After six years, a new PixelShips game emerges! Except... shouldn't this have come first? ;)

PixelShips Retro is an all-new game, taking on the look and feel of classic, 80's style games. The graphics, the sound, the music, the simple controls, the very high framerate, all indicative of those old-school games.

Of course, if there weren't significant improvements over the original PixelShips game, this one wouldn't be shareware! Besides the 13 original music tracks, numerous sound effects and more weapons than before, the game is far more balanced, lending itself to greatly simplified statistics and easier to understand concepts.

But perhaps the biggest change of all is that the screen no longer scrolls on its own! The screen moves as you move to provide you with a good view of what's ahead of you. (Leaving your backside more vulnerable of course!) You decide where and when to go!

Drones come in a much wider variety now and have their own unique array of 12 weapons, such as the Ring Pulse which slowly tracks you and the Trail Pulse which leaves a damaging trail behind for you to accidentally dash through!

The 9 different environments can actually threaten you this time around too. For instance, Space Arenas have force fields to block your progress and Class R Planets have erupting volcanos and oceans of lava. The background is no longer just an obstacle but a hazard too!


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