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March 5th, 2016

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Ancient DOS Games --- Episode 3

Tyrian 2000

Additional Information and Corrections:

  • Wow... I made a typo in the web address for where to get Tyrian 2000 in the game stats... Actually, it's a moot point now as this website seems to have disappeared from the net. For the moment, the best place to get Tyrian 2000 from is probably GOG, which yes, does offer the game for free and can be obtained from this page: https://www.gog.com/game/tyrian_2000

  • I didn't actually know how to pronounce "XSIV" when I made the video. Apparently, it's X-S-IV, like the word "excessive". Interesting.

  • It was way too easy to forget a whole bunch of features this game has, like its Christmas Mode which activates in December. One thing I neglected to mention is that ALL of the front weapon and rear weapons can be upgraded to 11 levels of power and that you can also pick up special weapons which act completely independently of your main weapons.

  • In the two player mode the player with the rear-weapon ship can actually charge their rear weapon and release a devastating blast of energy at full power!

  • The game itself will actually tell you how to bring Super Tyrian down from "Lord of The Game" to "Suicide" skill when you activate it.

  • Accidentally said "Super Arcade" at one moment while talking about "Super Tyrian". The Super Arcade modes are entirely different from the Super Tyrian mode.

  • Another example of this game's secrets include the very first enemy fighter you ever face in the game. If you let it live until it starts flying back towards the top of the screen and then shoot it, it drops a Rear Weapon Powerup which brings your rear weapon up a level!

  • Other things I missed: The Jukebox in the Setup program, the Ship Editor, the massive variety of cheats... Is it any wonder this episode ran much longer than I expected it to, despite my best efforts to shorten it? ^_^;

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