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Miscellaneous Stuff

I have a lot of plans for this section, including my artwork, music, game collections, custom level designs, and more... but with Ancient DOS Games going now it's going to take some time to get all these pages up, as well as many of the game guides and such for the various games I've made.

So far, I have four offerrings on hand: A large selection of the music I've made over the years, tracks for the PC game Stunts, also known as 4D Sports Driving, a fully-scripted, custom level for the Distractionware game VVVVVV, and a massive starship to explore, made in Minecraft!

Gemini's Music
I've created a massive amount of music over the years using Impulse Tracker, but it's only been more recently that I've taken on the daunting task of making it all available to listen to!
Starship Cube Master
This is a massive Minecraft creation I spent nearly three months working on. It's over 100 metres long, seven decks tall, and has nearly 100 rooms to explore!
Stunts / 4D Sports Driving Tracks
Here you'll find a collection of 37 tracks I've created for the PC game Stunts, also known as 4D Sports Driving. Some of these tracks are extremely old while others are more recent efforts.
VVVVVV Custom Level - "Reactor Disaster"
This is a custom level I built for the Distractionware game VVVVVV, complete with a story and fully-scripted elements!

The other place you can head to is http://gemini000.deviantart.com, where I primarily just talk about life in general and have conceptual screenshots and a very tiny amount of my artwork uploaded. You'll also note that I'm an extremely big fan of super-cute artwork, which may seem contradictory to my interest in first-person-shooters and such, but then everyone has strange interests when you think about it! ;)

I'll get more stuff going here sooner or later so keep watching this space! ;)


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